Background & Due Diligence

We conduct due-diligence and background checks on individuals and companies. We investigate suspected fraud, corporate espionage, and workplace threats.

Risk Assessment & Management

We conduct comprehensive security risk assessments, both physical and electronic, for individuals, companies, and government agencies. We train our clients in risk management and mitigation techniques.

Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery

Working in the United States and internationally, we investigate incidents of fraud and recover stolen assets for individuals and corporations. We design IT security architecture for network and electronic devices.

Civil & Criminal

We help individuals and their attorneys with civil investigations.  We assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with special or undercover criminal investigations targeted at bank fraud, forgery, identity theft, computer fraud, drugs, missing persons, and others.


Personal, Corporate, Executive

We provide customized, up-to-24-hour, unarmed or armed bodyguard service for celebrities, executives, and other high-profile individuals and their families, protecting them from kidnapping, stalking, and harassment.

VIP & Dignitary

We provide close protection for traveling VIPs and dignitaries both en route and at their destinations. We provide advance investigations of day stops and overnight accommodations along the travel route, as well as motorcade protection, staging of arrivals/departures, and coverage of all vantage and access points.

Threat Assessment & Mitigation

We recommend security measures tailored to each client’s situation, such as securing of living quarters, masking the client’s identity in legal documents and electronic communications, developing due-diligence measures for contractors and domestic staff, screening of mail and deliveries, monitoring for unusual incidents, and collaborating with local law enforcement.

Site & Event Security

Event Security

We provide advance security for event sites. With the client, we develop security-enhancing strategies for gate management, traffic control, guest services, crowd management, and alcohol regulation.

Workplace Violence Mitigation

We help corporate clients recognize the potential for workplace violence. We help them develop options to mitigate potential threats from angry or irrational workers, ex-workers or customers, abusive spouses or family of employees, and strangers.