U.S. Military and Law Enforcement have spent countless dollars training Davidson Global Security’s team members to be the very best. Their skills, experience, and abilities have been fine-tuned with Secret Service procedures, as well as thoroughness and diplomacy. The result: the most capable, reliable, and overall likable Security Specialists in the industry.

Our specialists’ skills and training include:

  • Military advanced marksmanship
  • Non-Commissioned Officer’s leadership training
  • Certified in emergency response to terrorism
  • First Aid certified
  • Arrest and firearms training
  • Corrections Officer core course
  • Chemical agents training
  • Peace Officer Standard Training, certified
  • Infantry trained, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Military martial arts
  • Trained in GPS (Global Positioning Systems) intelligence equipment and software
  • Qualified in basic and advanced explosive demolition
  • Certified and nationally registered EMT (basic)
  • Certified jump master and parachutist

Our specialists’ work history includes:

  • Orange County Sheriff’s Department – Special Officer
  • United States Marine Corps, with deployment to Iraq
  • US Army Special Operations – Ranger Rifle Team Leader
  • US Army Ranger Grenadier
  • US Army, with deployment to Afghanistan
  • Over 300 Special Operation direct action raids
  • Planned and supervised motorcades in high-threat areas
  • Led Afghan Nationals Special Operation teams into direct action raids
  • Dignitary protection
  • Corporate protection
  • Executive protection
  • High-profile event security and protection