Davidson Global Security provides investigation, protection, safety, and surveillance services to corporations, high-profile public and private individuals, and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Our services include investigation, protection, and site and event security.

Davidson Global Security has recovered tens of millions of dollars invested in fraudulent scams, through international investigations in Great Britain, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.


Jim & Mary Davidson, Davidson Global SecurityDavidson Global Security is owned by Jim Davidson, the company’s president, and Mary Davidson, vice president.

Jim Davidson and Mary Davidson are retired Special Agents for the U.S. Secret Service. Between them they have more than five decades of experience, protecting seven U.S. Presidents. Each supervised protection for heads of state and international dignitaries while they were visiting the United States. Each also supervised security for major events, including Presidential inaugurations and the UN General Assembly.

While with the Secret Service, Jim Davidson directed global investigations into counterfeit currency, U.S. Treasury-related forgery, and fraud. He served on the drug task force chaired by Secretary of Education William Bennett, and developed a massive drug-front investigation and prosecution case.

Mary Davidson trained agents from the Secret Service and other law enforcement bodies in protective and defensive tactics. She led an international investigation into currency counterfeiting and supervised security for the World Trade Organization’s International Conference.

Since leaving the Secret Service, the Davidsons have provided private security services for Fortune 100 companies, corporate executives, film industry notables, and prominent sports figures. They have managed security for major events including four Olympic Games and the 2012 Republican National Convention, and Ms. Davidson served as VP of Security Operations for the West Coast branch of NBCUniversal.

The Team

Davidson Global Security maintains a team of top-qualified, intensely trained security specialists. Most of the specialists are recruited from highly skilled positions in military service and law enforcement. The Specialists’ skills are then honed with Secret Service type training and diplomacy. We are confident that we have the best security personnel in the industry.


Davidson Global Security was incorporated in 1999. We began by focusing on high-yield investment fraud, tracking down criminals around the world and recovering tens of millions of dollars defrauded from unsuspecting investors.

We also conducted sensitive corporate investigations involving losses from within the corporate workplace and sabotage by competitors.

In 2002, Davidson Global Security started recruiting highly trained security professionals with elite military and law-enforcement backgrounds to provide security for corporate executives and Hollywood celebrities.